mirror.qlnet.ch - Quickline Mirror Service

This mirror service is primarily intended for Quickline internal use, but open for public use, see Usage Policy below for more details.

We mirror Debian and CentOS repositories.

Mirror Directory

Server Details

This server has the following configuration details:

Static IPv489.236.191.204
Static IPv62001:1a88:15:1192:204
ASNAS15600 (PeeringDB, RIPE Stat)

Usage Policy

This service is free of charge for everyone. Please use it fairly.

  • If you have many servers, please consider using a local cache proxy or a local mirror for large environments.
  • This is not a speed test server. Please use speedtest.quickline.ch to test your bandwidth.
  • Standard nginx logging is enabled on this server, logs are rotated and kept primarily for abuse detection.
  • No warranty for non Quickline customers that this server remains operational / accessible.


Love to work with Open Source? Can you argue why to use Emacs over Vi? Know why DF bits are set in IP? Then don't hesitate to check out the Quickline Jobs page and/or ask HR for the Systems teams.